Pluto is a Planet!
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Pluto's Time Taken Away!
There is still alot to learn about what we think is one of the most interesting
Planets in our Solar System, Pluto!
First of all Pluto meets all the criteria for remaining the Ninth Planet in our Solar System. Some may say it
doesn't and now schools are teaching that it is no longer a Planet, but they are still forgetting to take Pluto off
all of their Solar System worksheets. I should know, my son is in Fourth Grade and I have seen it for myself.
This still inspires me to teach my son that Pluto is still is the Ninth Planet in our Solar System. At first he was
learning what they were teaching him in the schools and that there are only eight Planets in our Solar System.
When I saw this I asked him questions and looked over his work and started to teach him the very definition of
why Pluto is a Planet.
The very Definition of a Planet in the Solar System that I used was the International Astronomical Union's very
own definition. Now this very definition has caused much debate in recent years and in our eyes we believe that
the very "Definition of a Planet" was not properly voted on. The IAU publishes on their website that 5A
"Definition of a Planet" was not counted but was passed with great majority. How could this definition even be
used today? Their very own Statutes require a cast vote. (See Opinion's Page) Also their new definition clearly
states that a celestial body needs to have "cleared the neighbourhood" around its orbit to be considered a Planet.
If it has not cleared its neighbourhood, then it is considered a "dwarf planet". Their definition calls Pluto a
"dwarf planet" and names Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as the eight
planets in the Solar System. This is clearly not the case, because Neptune and Pluto have not cleared both of
their orbital neighbourhoods (Both Neptune and Pluto cross each others orbital paths), also Mars, Jupiter and
Earth have not clear their orbital neighbourhoods either. For this reason we believe that Pluto is still the Ninth
Planet in our Solar System.
Lastly, our mission here at is to Preserve Pluto as the Ninth Planet in our Solar System and to
teach our children, who will someday be our scientists and astronomers, to always question and continue
learning about the objects in our universe.
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