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Alan Stern, Principal Investigator for New Horizons Mission to Pluto has had many interviews and even
has a PI's Perspective page on New Horizons website. This interview is from March 1, 2009. You can find many
of his interviews and papers on the internet, but this one is a favorite of mine from September 6, 2006. A paper
he wrote a year ealier called Copernicus smiled.

"The Great Planet Debate: Science as Process" that took place at the Applied Physics
Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University on September 19, 2008.

Laurel Kornfeld, A writer and Pluto advocate. She feels like I do that Pluto is a Planet!

Rayna LePore, Creator of this website and entrepeneur. I created this website soon after Pluto was
demoted to "dwarf planet status" and have always remained empirical to Pluto. I have painted all of the Nine
Planets in my son's room when he was a toddler (note the turning Pluto's). I went on the Nasa's Solar System
Simulator and created the very Planets orbiting around the sun on his birthday. My son is nine now and I am
teaching him the very importance of our Ninth Planet and how you have to fight for what you believe in.
This brings me to the IAU's Definition of a Planet in the Solar System (Resolution B5 & B6, although back on
9/5/06 it was called Resolution 5A & 6A) and how this new definition was passed in the first place? I
researched and closely read the IAU Statues on voting in the General Assembly (August 15, 2006) and VII.
General Assembly 15. states: The decisions of the General Assembly are taken by an absolute majority of the
votes cast. Now they publish on their website the vote counts for 5B, 6A & 6B , but there was no count taken on
5A the "Definition of a Planet"
at the meeting in Prague, Czech Republic on August 24, 2006. Why this wasn't
even contested by the remaining members has stumped me for years? I am contesting it now and always will
until they take a correct count and pose it to all the members. Until then I will keep guiding my children into
the future with the wonderments of the Universe.
Thank you.

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